Yorkshire Pie and Mash Shop

At The Yorkshire Pie and Mash Shop, you will always receive a very warm Yorkshire welcome,
whether dining alone or with your friends and family.

You will be able to enjoy 'wholesome hospitality from a bygone era', enjoying the World War Two themed
surroundings, relaxing and listening to those old favourite songs quietly playing in the background, while maybe
reminiscing about childhood memories in a positive and reflective way, and celebrate the cohesiveness and spirit
of Britain's population as they faced the challenge and resolution of the Second World War.


Good quality pies are the ultimate in comfort food and thatís just one of the many reasons we Brits love them so much. There is something to be said for the delicious contrast between crisp, golden pastry and the succulent, savoury filling that is wholesome, comforting and very nutritious at the same time. Our inclement weather can often mean that anytime - read more...

The Beauty Of Real Handmade Pies

Handmade pies are something which should be celebrated and revered. When made properly, there is little than can better them in terms of taste and appearance. These days we spend so much time rushing around, that we have so little time to cook and eat properly. That means when we do, sitting down to eat something thatís been lovingly prepared can seem like a real, decadent treat. - read more...

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Yorkshire Pie & Mash Shop

1 Pearl Street, Saltburn-By-The-Sea
North Yorkshire, TS12 1DU

T: 01287 625 929