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The Beauty Of Real Handmade Pies:

A British Tradition

Handmade pies are something which should be celebrated and revered. When made properly, there is little than can better them in terms of taste and appearance. These days we spend so much time rushing around, that we have so little time to cook and eat properly. That means when we do, sitting down to eat something thatís been lovingly prepared can seem like a real, decadent treat. 

Thinking about trying a properly crafted hand made pie made by artisan bakers who are skilled in their trade is well worth it if youíd like something different to eat, rather than the usual run of the mill ready meals that can be very expensive and so often disappointing in quality. 

The tradition of beautiful hand made pies in this country is something that goes back many years. Even the humble Cornish pasty itself was adapted from a pie recipe into something with a slightly thicker crust, so that it could be packed into a snap tin, carried underground and eaten hygienically when working down the mines (in those days, the crust was always thrown away). Think about the perfectly formed Pork Pie, a delicacy which is synonymous with the Midlands town of Melton Mowbray. 


Traditional meat pies are also both staples of Northern and Southern eating traditions, in the North people who come from the Lancashire town of Wigan are known as affectionately as ďpie eatersĒ, because they love their traditional meat and potato pies so much, especially on a cold winterís day whilst enjoying the rugby. In the South, the traditional dish of pie and mash is something that is still very much loved and is currently experiencing a major resurgence as people try to recreate the tastes of yesterday.

A real, genuinely hand made pie, wherever it comes from, is something that can be full of interesting and exotic ingredients, through to the most simple recipe such as mince and onion or steak. Very often they are crimped and finished by hand to make them authentic and look as though you have done all the hard work yourself, so if you want to fool your friends and family that youíre the one who has been slaving over a hot stove, you can do! 

Of course, making the pastry to go into handmade pies is a skill in its own right, something that many people can find difficult to do in their own homes, but when made correctly, it can be fluttery light, melt in the mouth and very decadent, especially if itís made with the best graded flours and fats. Couple this with the succulent filling and itís a winning combination thatís sure to please. 

Many families do still have their own handmade pie recipes that have been passed down through the generations and are still cooked today. There is something very soothing about creating a wholesome pie with fresh pastry and seeing the hand crimped edges that will bake to a beautiful golden brown colour that makes the mouth water.

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